Facebook Ads Consulting


Have a question that just can't wait? Working on a new project or launch and wish you had second set of eyes? Or need someone to dive-deeper into your marketing strategy and help guide you in the right direction? If you said yes to any of the above, a 1-on-1 Consulting Call is the perfect option for you. 

How it works:

  • Our 1-on-1 Consulting Session will take place over a recorded Skype or Zoom Call

  • For 60 minutes we'll share our screens and dive in head first on any topic you wish related to Online Marketing or Facebook ads.

  • We'll define your goals and create a plan to help you reach them. You can also ask me any specific questions you may have along the way.

  • You'll also get access to the whole recording so you can rewatch it later and implement the action items we discuss in our call.


examples of what we can cover:

✓ How to acquire more traffic, email subscribers, leads, and sales

✓ The best tools to help you grow your business

✓ How to create an effective Facebook ad campaign

✓ Optimizing your ad campaigns and website for success

✓ How to use Facebook advertising to scale and take your business to the next level



Gain clarity, get expert advice and start seeing rapid results in your business by booking your consulting session today.

Your first 30-minutes are free! Get started by booking a call below:


"Even though I had a fair amount of experience creating and managing Facebook ads, I figured there were still things I could learn. (You don't know what you don't know, right?) So, I reached out to Jaymie because I didn't want to spend hours searching for answers on the internet or figure things out the hard way. Jaymie took the time to tailor our session to my needs and my experience so that we could dive straight into the information that was going to help me. And, throughout the session, not only did I learn what I didn't know but Jaymie's expertise put me on the right track! I'm ready to tackle my next round of Facebook advertisements with the confidence that I am getting the most out of my spend!"

Tayler Hollman, TAYLRD Media + Designs LLC.