Get Your Facebook Ads Audited By An Expert


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it's time to stop throwing away money on ads that don't work

Can't seem to get one of your ads to convert? Having a hard time find the right groups to target? Or just want the help of an expert so you can keep up with the latest strategies?

If you said yes to any of the above, the Facebook Ad Audit is perfect for you. 


Here's how it works:

  • After you purchase the Facebook Ad Audit you'll receive an email with details on what I'll need before we meet for our call. 
  • We will share our screens over a 30-minute Skype or Zoom recorded session and I'll take a look at your campaign(s) from the backend of your ad account. 
  • As I look through your campaigns I'll provide feedback and tips on your targeting strategy, campaign structure, objective, ad placement, and even your image and copy. 
  • You'll also get access to the whole recording so you can rewatch it later and implement the action items we discuss in our call. 

Requirements: Already have an active or ready to publish ad campaign setup within your ad account

Your Investment: $280 for one 30-minute audit


Check Out These Results! ↓



Ready to get crystal clear on what's working and what's not working with your campaigns? booking your Facebook Ad Audit today:

tayler hollman facebook ad audit jaymie tarshis
Even though I had a fair amount of experience creating and managing Facebook ads, I figured there were still things I could learn. So, I reached out to Jaymie because I didn’t want to spend hours searching for answers on the internet or figure things out the hard way. She took the time to tailor our session to my needs and my experience so that we could dive straight into the information that was going to help me. I’m ready to tackle my next round of Facebook advertisements with the confidence that I am getting the most out of my spend!
— Tayler Hollman, TAYLRD Media + Designs LLC.



Can this service be used for more than one ad campaign?

Absolutely! Our call will last 30-minutes so I advice you to focus on the campaigns that are most important but I will provide feedback on as many campaigns as needed. 

does my ad have to be up and running alreadY in order to use this service

No. If you are preparing for a launch or are hesitant to press that "order" button, you are welcome to setup your ads within your ads manager or power editors and I will review them before you ever have to spend a dime.