The Number One Reason Your Small Business Is Failing to Get Followers, Leads, and Sales

I've consulted with dozens of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs over the last three years and it seems that most come to me with the same one frustration: their business is struggling to get more followers, leads, and ultimately...sales. 

Hearing this I always follow up with the same question, "What is your current marketing strategy?," and to my dismay in most cases it's entirely non-existent



When it comes to marketing your business online and through social platforms, it's important to understand the difference between marketing tactics and marketing strategies so you can successfully craft your message and properly track your efforts. 

Most business owners that I work with are already implementing tactics within their business. Tactics are a set of actions that you do on a daily or regular basis such as posting to Instagram, creating SEO optimized headlines, or sending out a monthly newsletter. 

However, it's your marketing strategy that's the most important because the strategy is the overarching vision of your marketing efforts. Your strategy is the plan that ensures your tactics are working together to accomplish your end goal or objective.




For example: 

Your goal might be to increase your email list by 1000 people/month using Facebook Ads on a budget of $250.

So your strategy would be to run a Facebook Ads campaign to an opt-in or lead magnet on your website.

So your tactics would include things like testing out different targeting options, ad images, and ad as well as landing page copy to see what converts best. 

Now if you start converting people to your list but maybe you only get 500 signups instead of 1000, you already know your strategy is working but you may need to try new tactics. Consider changing the ad objective or running a video post instead of an image ad to get lower costs per conversion. 

Moral of the story, just because you're posting to Facebook at the right time 5 days a week, does not mean you are going to get more customers or followers.

Consistency alone does not equal sales. But consistency combined with extreme value (meaning you're helping your target customer solve a problem, question, or concern) does amount to your customers coming to know, like and trust you.

And when your potential customers trust you, then and only then, do they buy from you. 



Now that you're clear on how tactics can help support your overall marketing strategy and goals, it's also important to be fully aware and informed of the following for your business:


  • Who is your exact target audience?
  • Where are they hanging out both online and offline? 
  • What other brands or products are they interested in?


  • Is your business on the right social media platforms to reach your target audience?
  • Do you have a content/posting strategy?
  • Are your banners and images consistent with your brand?
  • Is your social media increasing website traffic or sales for your business?


  • Do you have a killer website?
  • Do you know how customers get to your website?
  • Are you capturing your customers emails?
  • Is your website SEO friendly?
  • Do you know where you are losing customers on your website?

There's a whole world out there of customers that are interested in what your brand has to sell or offer, you just need the right information and the right approach to get in front of them.