3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Facebook Ads If You Aren't Already

It's no secret that social media is absolutely crucial to growing your business in this day and age. Yet, I'm often surprised how many business owners I consult with aren't fully aware of the benefits of using Facebook Advertising. They usually either think one of two things:

A - "My target audience isn't on Facebook." But with over 1.59 billion active users each month, it's pretty clear to see that unless your target customer is a group of aliens on mars, you can bet they are hanging out on Facebook in some shape or form. 

B - "They're a waste of money." When in fact, Facebook ads have proven to be the most cost effective form of online advertising for my clients. Period. 

With that said, if you're a small business or entrepreneur selling your services or products online using Facebook Ads is one of the most effective and strategic approaches you could take to growing your audience, getting leads, and increasing sales. 

In case you're still on the fence about using them for your business, continue reading for three reasons why you should consider trying them sooner rather than later:



If you've ever tried another form of paid advertising for your business such as Adwords, or even I you've probably already got an idea in your head about just how expensive it can be. But shockingly, Facebook Ads when used properly and setup to achieve specific goals for your business, can be very cost effective. I'm talking less than $1 per lead in some cases and website clicks for just pennies. This is largely why I recommend Facebook Ads to small business owners or startups on a budget because you can achieve an insane amount of results on just $5/day ad spend.  The best part, once you have a Facebook Ads campaign all optimized and producing results for your business, you can slowly scale it up and continually make more money while you sleep!



Do you sell a very niche product or only market to a specific group of people? No problem. With Facebook Ads you can get as specific as targeting just women, ages 20-25, who are single, that live in Los Angeles and shop at Nordstrom or make more than $40,000/year. There truly are not very many limits when it comes to targeting options with Facebook!

Quite possibly the best features about the targeting options within the Facebook platform are the retargeting options. Retargeting involves placing a piece of code on your website, also known as the Facebook Pixel, and then serving ads to website visitors who came to your site and took a specific action but did not purchase or sign up for your email list. 

This strategy is also know as remarketing and I truly believe every business in 2017 should be utilizing some form of remarketing to their customers.



The feature that makes Facebook Ads easy for almost anyone to use is the fact that they offer campaign objectives and make you choose one right from the get go. This is such a powerful thing as a business owner or marketer because it allows you to create marketing campaigns that directly support the outcome you are looking for. Some of the best campaign types that I would recommend checking out for your business are lead ads, conversion ads, and video ads if your business or brand creates any sort of visual content.

To give you an example, one of my clients wanted to get more leads by giving customers an option to request a free shipping quote for their product. So instead of just running an ad to a landing page with the lead form, I created a Facebook Lead Campaign that allowed their potential customers to fill out a form for a shipping quote right from the Facebook Platform.

Within 48 hours of starting this campaign they had already seen a 400% increase in the amount of leads they were getting and they were paying less than $2 a lead. A large amount of this success is due to the fact that Facebook allows users to fill out a lead form right from their platform without ever clicking over to your website. These forms autofill with your customers information like their name, address, phone number, etc.


Now that you've learned how using Facebook Ads can benefit your business right away, don't assume you have to immediately throw all your money at them. The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can get started for just $5 a day, check your results over the process of a week, and decide to scale up or adjust from there. 


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