2017 Year In Review

As we approach the last two days of the year, this is a great time to reflect on the past and review what worked in 2017 and also what could have been improved on.

This is my 2017 year in review. 

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3 Years In Business

In August I officially celebrated 3 years since I started my marketing and consulting business. Which to me, is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

All of my peers and mentors told me that the first 2 years in business are the hardest, and I can definitely attest to that now that I've made it over the hump.  

Besides surviving another year, I doubled my revenue since last year, making 2017 a record year in business. I also said goodbye to the work from home life and and invested in a beautiful co-working space in downtown San Diego that I now work out of 3-4 days a week. 

28 Clients and Over 18,000 Leads Generated

Above anything else I've done this year, I'm most proud of the results I've been able to create for my clients through my Facebook Ads consulting and done-for-you services. 

In total, I was able to help 28 different businesses and I managed over 350+ different ad campaigns. (Somehow, I managed not to go crazy either!) All in all, these campaigns resulted in more than 5 million impressions and over 18,000 total leads for my clients. 

I'm also thrilled to say that 60% of my current done-for-you clients have been with me for more than 6 months, which successfully proves that my services aren't just helping businesses find short term growth, but key long term success as well. 

While I look forward to taking on some new clients again in 2018, my biggest priority for this next year is to work more closely with my current clients and continue to research the best strategies that will help them convert more customers and grow even faster.

Public Speaking and Podcasts

For the longest time I tried to hide from the spotlight and would run at any opportunity to share my message with the world. 

However, I truly feel like it's my calling to help more people grow their businesses, so at the end of 2016 I said "Bye Felicia!" and threw that fear out the window. 

I  told myself I would say "Yes" to a few public speaking opportunities if they happened to come my way in 2017. Here are some highlights in case you missed them:

I was also interviewed for the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast and an online summit that airs in January all about making passive profits - so stay tuned for those details. 

Overall, having the opportunity to share my knowledge on Facebook Ads and growing a business online with so many different audiences this year was one of my favorite things.  

I'm thankful I said "Yes" to the opportunities that arose and look forward to doing more public speaking and podcast interviews in 2018. 

With that said, if you want to explore a possible collaboration or have me speak at an upcoming conference, send me an email to hello@jaymietarshis.com. 

Facebook Ads Mastermind Group

Half way through the year I had a sudden urge to start a private group on Facebook where business owners could go to connect with each other, get their questions answered, and feel supported in this (sometimes) frustrating world of Facebook ads.

When I first started the group, I really had no plans or big hopes of where I wanted it to go. I just knew it needed to exist. Fast forward to now and the Facebook Ads Mastermind Group group has grown to over 500+ members from all around the world and it continues to grow every day. 

It's been so fun getting to know all the members in the group and see everyone learn from one another. It's a group I wish I had years ago when I first started learning paid traffic and needed that extra bit of support.

In Spring 2018 I'll be launching a smaller paid version of the group that will be even more heavily focused on helping business owners generate more traffic, leads, and sales with Facebook Ads.

There will be set office hours where I'll be available for questions and support by email, monthly trainings, and a hot seat where I'll help 1 or 2 people each month create or rebuild a high performing campaign for their business. It's going to be epic!

The plan is to keep this group more intimate, so there will be a very limited amount of spots available. Click here to save your spot now and be the first notified when it launches.



It goes without saying that 2017 was a busy year. A year of growth and intention. A year of taking more risks. 

I listened to my heart, stayed in my own lane, focused on the success of my clients and I think it served me well. 

So, what was the best part of your 2017? I would love for you to comment below and let me know. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and for being a part of my little world here on the interwebz. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Happy new year!


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