How To Use Facebook LIVE To Grow Your Business

Marketing your business on Facebook can be frustrating at times. You spend a lot of time (and maybe even money) building up an audience and getting new likes to your page, only to feel like you're talking to a wall when you press "publish" and all of one person likes or comments on your post.

We've all been there! Some days, it really does seem like the Facebook algorithm is out to get us. While we may not always have the control to the make the algorithm work with us, we do have the ability to make it work for us. So i'll just say it:

You have to start using more videos in your content strategy!

Specifically, Facebook LIVE videos. Not only does Facebook give priority to Live videos in the newsfeed but you can now go Live from both your desktop and smartphone, making it easier than ever before. 

You may be thinking..."What am I supposed to make videos about?"...."How does this fit in the overall strategy of my business?...."Am I qualified to do this?" Luckily, I'm about to go over everything you need to know about how to use Facebook Live in your business. 

how to use facebook live to grow your business


ideas for a facebook live broadcast:

  • Share value and help your audience solve a problem
    • Host a master class or workshop
    • Teach your audience tips/tricks when it comes to your industry
    • Provide a demo
    • Host a Q&A

You may be able to take content or ideas from an old blog post and repurpose it into video form.

  • Behind-the-scenes Action  (People love watching everything that's typically off limits!)
    • Share when you're at industry events or meetings
    • Announce when you're rolling out a new product or offer 
    • Show what your day-to-day in your business is like
    • Invite one of your customers on to talk about their experience using your product or services


Best practices when it comes to live broadcasting:

  • MUST have good wifi connection. Look for 4G network speeds if possible. 
  • You can go live for up to 90 minutes and it's recommended to record for at least 10 minutes to give users enough time to hop online and watch the video while it's still live.
  • Smile, act excited, make sure to introduce yourself briefly for anyone who isn't too familiar with you or your brand.
  • Always promote beforehand to let your audience know to tune in. 
  • Write a clear caption/description in the post (just like writing a regular Facebook Page post) so people scrolling through the feed know exactly what the video is about or what they will learn/gain from watching.
  • Try to always broadcast with the camera horizontally so that you can repurpose the video to our Youtube channel.
  • When you end the broadcast make sure to thank everyone for tuning in and if relevant, provide some sort of call to action call-to-action.
  • Lastly, always remember the goal of the broadcast. Is it to engage our community and strengthen brand loyalty? Is it to drive traffic to a new product or page? Is it to collect more leads? Not every video/broadcast needs to have the goal of making more sales but whatever the goal may be, the CTA at the end needs to reflect that. 


Okay I'm doing facebook live videos, now what?

  • Repurpose your content - Facebook allows you to download your live videos to your computer after you publish them. You can then repurpose the video for use on your Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The possibilities are endless and this strategy will help you make the most of your content and time spent making videos. 
  • Start to build relationships with the people who show up regularly - Once you begin to go Live regularly on your Facebook Page you'll start to develop core followers that you will notice show up almost every single time. These people are your brand advocates. They are the people who are going to rave about your brand, share your videos, and tell all their friends and family to go follow you. So make sure you start to observe who these people are. Give them a shoutout on video and thank them for always showing up and then see where you can take the relationship from there. 
  • Retarget your video viewers in ads - This is one of my secret sauce strategies when it comes to scaling up my clients Facebook Ad campaigns. Facebook Live videos are extremely engaging and Facebook allows you to setup what they call "custom audiences" of people who have watched your video for a certain length of time. From a business standpoint, this gives brands a huge opportunity to retarget the people who are the most engaged with their brand and avoid wasting money advertising to fans that aren't ready to buy.


So, tell me! Have you experimented with Facebook Live yet? Who are some of your favorite influencers or brands that do Facebook Live videos? I want to hear from you below!




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