6 Smart Ways To Promote Your Business Using Facebook Ads

6 Smart Ways To Promote Your Business Using Facebook Ads

Have you ever noticed just how easy Facebook makes it for you to promote your brand on their platform? For instance, just look at this screenshot of my own profile:


See what I mean? WAY too freakin' easy.

The problem is that when things are this easy to do, we tend to not put as much thought into them. So we start hitting "boost" and "promote" and cross our fingers while we wait.

Or worse, we take Facebook's Advice to boost a post because it happens to be performing 80% better than the rest of your page posts according to their insights. 

But let me tell you, this is NOT the way you want to go about promoting your business with Facebook ads. Unless you want to lose money, of course.

In fact, the path to a sale may not be as direct as you think.

Whether you're a newbie to Facebook ads or have been burned by them in the past, here are 6 smart ways to advertise your business on Facebook that are sure to bring you better results and make you money over time:

  1. Your Opt-In or Lead Magnet - Grow your list on auto-pilot and start running targeting traffic through your sales funnel.

  2. Your Free Trial or Free Offer - Here you're trying to give your customer a taste or experience of what your product/service is like, with the goal to turn them into a paying subscriber or customer in the end.

  3. Before You Launch - No one likes to launch to crickets. Whether it's a new product, an online course, book, or webinar, you can use Facebook ads to get people excited and talking about your upcoming offer or product.

  4. A Killer Blog Post - Not just any blog post, but your most popular and shared blog posts. Make sure they each have an irresistible call-to-action at the end or a way to grab the readers email address.   

  5. Build Trust Using Video - Whether its a Facebook Live video or one you upload on your own time, Facebook gives special priority to videos in the newsfeed. Plus, there's no better way to build trust with your customers than to show them your unique personality and the people behind your business.  

  6. Your Lower Price Point Product/Discounted Product - You have to remember that people are not on Facebook to buy. However, your target customers are much more likely to engage with you if you're starting the relationship by offering something small that requires less commitment. 

Hopefully you're inspired to go put some thought into your next Facebook Advertisement instead of just taking the easy road. I promise you'll end up with more results, both immediately and in the long run. 



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