A Simple Hack To Get More Page Likes From Your Ads and Promoted Posts

Do you ever wish all those likes on your ad or promoted post could also turn into likes on your Facebook page? 

Good news, they can! And it won't even cost you a dime.

This is a little hack that I figured out a while ago and every time I introduce it to a client they end up with 2-5x more page likes then they would on an average week or month. Click the play button below to discover how it's done! 




Written Step-By-Step Tutorial:

To get started, all you have to do is find one of your Facebook Ads or promoted posts that has a lot of Likes or Reactions on it. To show you an example I'm using a promoted post from one of my clients, Zen Float Company. 


Notice, how this post has 11+ reactions on it. Hover your mouse over the likes/reactions area and click on them. (Where is says Shirley Moneely, Michael Barefoot, and 9 others.)

Facebook pulls up this handy little screen that says "Invite to Like [Your Page Name]"


All you have to do is click invite for each person and it will send them a notification that says something like, [Your Page Name] is inviting you to like their page. 

Because these people have already engaged with your post, they are much more likely to also come over and like your page. Plus, just because they didn't like your page the first time around, doesn't mean they aren't interested in engaging with you. 

And if you don't ask, the answer will also be no. 


So, that's it, folks! Easy peasy, and totally 100% free. I hope you found this video and step-by-step tutorial helpful!