Facebook Ad Secrets - My Interview For The Onward Nation Podcast

What's the #1 skill you need to be successful as a business owner? Check out my interview below for the Onward Nation Podcast to find out. 

Not only do I share some of my best Facebook ad secrets, but I also talk about some of the lessons that I've learned throughout the last couple of years of running my own consulting business.


This was a particularly fun interview for me for a couple of reasons.

For one, Stephen and I have were introduced a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and I've been listening to his podcast pretty much since it started, so it was an honor to be one of his guests.

The second being that it took me out of my zone of genius as a Facebook Ad Strategist and allowed me to share some personal insight into my entrepreneurial journey as well. 


  • Leveraging Facebook Ads to generate greater lead volume
  • How to build a foundation for online marketing
  • Amplification strategies for generating new leads
  • Targeting traffic with great accuracy and retargeting your contacts
  • Using Facebook Ads to build a relationship with your business
  • Getting deeper with your leads through retargeting and warming your relationship
  • Batching your activities to maximize productivity
  • Simple tools for success to use early on in your business development

CLICK HERE to give the episode a listen now: Onward Nation Episode 563: Facebook Ad Secrets

PS - for some reason the audio wasn't the best even though I made sure to use a high quality mic and headset, but I think the information will make up for the lack of audio quality. #technologyprobs lol