5 Things Every Business Should Have Before They Hire A Facebook Ads Manager

5 things every business should consider before they hire a facebook ads manager.png

You know Facebook advertising is the obvious solution to help quickly grow your business and get more qualified eyeballs on your products and services.

However, if you're like most business owners, the thought of spending all your time creating and managing ads on top of everything else that comes with running your business sounds like a complete nightmare. 

In that case, the next and only solution would be to invest in hiring an agency or Facebook Ads Manager.

But is your business really ready to start using Facebook ads on a larger scale? 

Here are 5 things (as mentioned on my Entrepreneur on Fire podcast interview) I recommend having in place before you seek out an expert or spend a lot of money on any Facebook Ads campaigns: 


Have a clear idea of your target audience on a personal level

While many businesses may have a basic idea who their target market is, let's say it's women in the U.S. that are 25-35 who like Amy Porterfield – you must go deeper than that when it comes to knowing who you're selling to if you want to see good results with your Facebook Ads.

Start by asking yourself...

  • What tools do they use?
  • What websites do they go to for information? 
  • Where do they shop?

The answers to these questions will start to tell you a lot about your target audience and will help you identify the best ways to target them with your ads and create compelling copy that will speak directly to them. 

Once you're clear on exactly WHO you serve, you must then start to figure out WHAT it is they really want. This requires doing more research to figure out what their biggest challenges and pain points are. I recommend using a combination of emailing your list, Facebook groups, and online forums to start dialing in this information. 


Have an offer that has been validated by your target market

This one is pretty straightforward. You should either currently have sales coming in regularly or if you have a new product you have validated your offer through social media, pre-selling or another means.

I've seen first-hand after managing over half a million dollars in ad spend that you can throw all the money in the world towards ads, and even have the best written and designed ad, but your campaigns will always fail if people don't truly want what it is you're offering.  



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These tips are proven to work and my clients have seen massive increases in clicks, engagement and conversions simply by applying a few of these to their campaigns. 


Have a sales funnel or system in place to convert your potential customers and leads into sales

Once someone sees your ad on Facebook, that's just the very first baby step to getting to the point of a sales. It's important you also have a funnel or system in place that is helping to convert your traffic. Otherwise, you'll end up spending money on Facebook ads that just drain your wallet instead of bringing in measurable results. 

This might look as simple as....

Facebook Ad > opt-in page > thank you page 

Facebook Ad > lead form > call with a sales team 

The idea is that by outlining each stage of the customer journey you're more likely to convert prospects into leads and can easily track and optimize your results from your campaigns.


Have a budget to support your business goals

One common thing I've seen over the years is I'll come across a business owners that is selling a product for $1000, but then they'll only have $100 to spend on Facebook ads. 

I always say that this is the absolute wrong way to approach paid traffic. 

In order to know how much you should spend you must first become aware of two extremely value metrics within your business :

  1. CPL - Cost Per Lead. How much it costs for you to acquire a name, email, phone number. 
  2. CLTV - Customer Lifetime Value. How much you earn per lead. This is different for every business but it's basically an equation of how many leads you've generated over a given amount of time divided by how much total revenue you generated from those leads.

Once you know these numbers it becomes a lot easier to spend money on Facebook Ads with confidence.


Have valuable content that your target market will love

Facebook Ads will not sell your products or services alone, but by continually adding value and nurturing your audience through helpful content you can use ads to build more relationships and help further your prospects to the point of a sale.

Think about creating long-form blog posts, videos, and Facebook Live broadcasts that either educate, demonstrate or inspire your audience to take action. 


What do you think? Are you ready to get started?

If you your business has all these items and you're ready to work with a Facebook Ads expert to create a system that consistently generates more traffic, leads, and sales using Facebook Ads – I invite you to learn more about my Done For You Facebook Ad Services by clicking here

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