Go from wanting to thunk your head against the laptop...to getting Facebook ads that work.



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Facebook ads can feel wildly daunting…

Especially with everything else you’re already doing in your business.

Running ads and navigating the algorithm is like trying to wrangle 2 pitbulls...which I have. (Maya and Bella.)

So...if you:

Have a question about Facebook ads that just can't wait...

Want a second set of eyes on a new project or launch...

Need someone to dive deeper into your marketing strategy and help guide you along in the right direction...

1-on-1 Consulting is the perfect option for you.


Here’s how it works…

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  • Our 1-on-1 Consulting Session will take place over a recorded Zoom Call (Unless you’re a San Diego local!)

  • For 60 minutes we'll share our screens and dive in head first into anything related to Facebook ads and marketing strategy.

  • We'll define your goals and create a plan to help you reach them. You can also ask me any specific questions you may have along the way.

  • You'll also get access to the whole recording so you can rewatch it later and implement the action items we discuss in our call. 

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"After taking a few courses on Facebook marketing, I still wasn't getting the results I hoped for and hired Jaymie to help. It was the best decision I could have made. Her expertise made a world of difference in setting up campaigns that drove results. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner!"

Jill Felska, Founder of WantToWorkThere.com

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"Even though I had a fair amount of experience creating and managing Facebook ads, I figured there were still things I could learn. So, I reached out to Jaymie because I didn't want to spend hours searching for answers on the internet or figure things out the hard way. Her expertise put me on the right track! I'm ready to tackle my next round of Facebook advertisements with the confidence that I am getting the most out of my spend!"

Tayler Hollman, TAYLRD Media + Designs LLC.

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Get your ad questions answered & fast track your results

Learn the strategies that amplify e a new level of success