Jaymie Tarshis

Connect with your audience and have a flood of new leads and clients

Here are a few of the ways that I can help you grow your business using Facebook and instagram ads:

Facebook Ad Audit

[Done With You]

Can't seem to get one of your ads to convert? Having a hard time find the right groups to target? Or just want the help of an expert so you can keep up with the latest strategies? If you said yes to any of the above, the Facebook Ad Audit is perfect for you. 


1-on-1 consulting

[Done With You]

Looking for advice and guidance on how to grow your business online? During this 55-minute Skype Call we'll cover any aspect of Facebook Ads that you want, or further refine your current marketing strategy and you'll leave with a complete action plan of what to do next. 

Facebook Ad mAnagement

[Done For You]

Don't have time to manage your online marketing strategy all while trying to grow and run your business? Done For You Facebook Ads means less time and headache for you, and way more results for your business! This is for businesses ready to make the investment necessary to grow and scale to the next level.