Go from wanting to thunk your head against the laptop...to getting Facebook ads that work.


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Facebook ads can feel wildly daunting…

Especially with everything else you’re already doing in your business.

Running ads and navigating the algorithm is like trying to wrangle 2 pitbulls...which I have. (Maya and Bella.)

So...if you:

Have a question about Facebook ads that just can't wait...

Want a second set of eyes on a new project or launch...

Need someone to dive deeper into your marketing strategy and help guide you along in the right direction...

1-on-1 Consulting is the perfect option for you.


Here’s how it works:

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  • Our 1-on-1 Consulting Session will take place over a recorded Zoom Call (Unless you’re a San Diego local!)

  • For 55 minutes we'll share our screens and dive in head first into anything related to Facebook ads and digital marketing strategy.

  • We'll map your goals and create a plan to help you reach them. You can also ask me any specific questions you may have along the way.

  • You'll also get access to the whole recording so you can rewatch it later and implement the action items we discuss in our call. 

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"I always have reservations about working with consultants but Jaymie has become a go-to resource for me!

Her process is straight forward, she is open with sharing her knowledge, and that leaves you feeling confident about the ads you set up. Her honest (and expert) approach is worth your time - your ad budget will thank you!”

Tayler Hollman, TAYLRD Media + Designs LLC.

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"I had been timid about diving into learning more about Facebook ads beyond just boosting a post, so I decided to get a consultation with Jaymie. I was incredibly impressed with her support. She moved quickly and smoothly through all the information and is wealth of knowledge. She’s really wonderful to work with and I’m sending this out so that others will be inclined to work with her as well."

Andrea Spratt, Kucoon Designs


The two questions you’re probably wondering..

1. How many consulting sessions do I need?

Sometimes that's a little like asking "If I go on a journey, how long should I travel for?" The answer depends on you.

Here’s what I can say though - the amount of sessions that you’ll need will solely rely on how much experience you have running and managing ads in the past. For some people it’s only a couple and for others it requires more ongoing support. That’s why I offer both hourly and monthly consulting options.

To get the right support for you, schedule a call below and tell me more about your experience and goals. I’ll review and let you know which package is right for you. I always recommend the shortest amount of session(s) possible, so we maximize your time and budget.

2. What’s my investment?

Starting at $499. This is a powerful alternative to “done for you” Facebook ads. (While saving $$$$ off the price tag of hiring a pro to create them from scratch…)

With consulting, you get to tap into my brain and years of experience for support and learn how to create your own Facebook ads that drive real results.

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Get your ad questions answered & fast track your results

Learn the strategies that amplify a new level of success.