Don’t let the haters (algorithm) get you down.

With my services, get the proven Facebook ad strategy that shares your message and entices new clients

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Facebook ads are ever-changing. That dang algorithm is constantly adjusting (at least once a week...minimum.) It’s time to put you above the rest - and beat it.

Focus on your skills and watch your client list grow…Even with you shutting down that laptop at a reasonable hour.


In 1 of 2 ways, I step in and make investing in powerful Facebook ads easy. Rather than experimenting with what “could” work - halt the guesswork and say yes to a profitable advertising strategy.

Below, see how I ensure my clients’ campaigns are predictable, profitable and right for their specific and unique brand.

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Help me, Jaymie! → 1-on-1 Consulting

Halt hours of googling and hunting through Youtube, trying to figure out gold amid the clutter. In 1-on-1 consulting, tell me about your business and vision. That’s it. Tell me the problems, the challenges, every single Facebook woe…

From there, I show exactly how to develop the strategy that’ll hit your goals - from attracting new clients to growing your email list. Within one session, learn the strategies that accelerate a new level of success...a type of success that’s simply not possible without paid advertising.

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Handle it, Jaymie! → Facebook Ad Management

Your calendar is crazy...and tech is not your fave. In fact, you dread every login to FB Manager...feeling unsure if you’re really maximizing the ad spend. Upon hiring me, you go back to focusing on your passion - what made you start this business in the first place.

I take care of everything that launches wildly successful campaigns - all the research, strategy and nitty gritty stuff like “CRM Integration” (a term that has your head drooping forward already).

Each month, receive a thorough report with all the new leads and conversions...without any effort from you. (Auto pilot, baby.) Ready to spend less time googling “how to use a pixel”...and more time engaging with your ideal customers?


Feel like you’re at a smoothie bar...torn between choices?

Tell me more about your brand and business - I’ll share my exact recommendations and why. It’s a 30 minute call...that could lead to limitless results.