Your message changes lives...but only if people hear it.

Reach more humans and uplevel your brand with Facebook and Instagram ads...that actually work.

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You didn’t start a business to earn “okay” money or simply have “more freedom”...

Ready to change the world, your mission is to help and serve others through your unique skills.

The trouble is…

Your business has hit a (chandelier-hung) ceiling.

You’ve spent hours bent over your phone, posting to Instagram stories.

Hustling to type out blogs on your laptop...hoping to finish by happy hour.

This hard work has landed good results...but good isn’t your goal.

You want the BEST.

That’s why you want to invest more strategically in Facebook ads, so you can help more people eagerly waiting for you...they just don’t know it.


Let’s leave the organic (traffic) to Whole Foods...and get you high-performing ads as ambitious as your to-do list.

That’s where I step shimmy in...

My proven ad strategies systematically gain new leads and customers...at a consistent and even affordable rate.


Let’s reach more people...ASAP


Hit fast forward on your business growth

The supermarket is 1000% easier with a list...and so is Facebook advertising. To make your walk around the grocery store (Facebook Ad Manager) easier, I’m sharing my 10-Step Ultimate Facebook Ads checklist.

This checklist reveals the exact steps to creating a high performing campaign…in less time than a trip to Costco.


Book my brain for 1-on-1 consulting time

You’re done trying to do it all yourself - and ready to have an expert fast track success. Learn everything needed to create your profitable Facebook ad strategy. After learning about your unique business, breathe easy knowing how to setup ads that attract more clients every day while you sleep.

Not even sure what the heck a “Facebook Pixel” is or does? Don’t worry, we’ll address that, too.


Get ads off your Asana/Trello/To Do list...

By having me do the work for you. Time is tight - and your zone of genius is not in the tech back end of Facebook. You started this business to focus on your passion - and using it to serve others...not sit around figuring out WTF a pixel is and how to install it on your website.

Take off those anti-blue-light glasses, and let me take care of your ads - with results at full force.

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"The ads that Jaymie helped me set up have helped us grow our email list by hundreds of people at a very low cost!

If you doubt that you are setting up your Facebook ads and campaigns correctly, you shouldn't hesitate to reach out to Jaymie. Her honest (and expert) approach is worth your time and your ad budget will thank you!

Tayler Hollman, TAYLRD Media + Designs LLC.

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"After taking a few courses on Facebook marketing, I still wasn't getting the results I hoped for and hired Jaymie to help. It was the best decision I could have made. Her expertise made a world of difference in setting up campaigns that drove results. From the moment we sat down, I could tell she really cared about helping me hit my goals. My only regret is that I didn't hire her sooner!"

Jill Felska, Founder of WantToWorkThere.com

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Ready for a Facebook ad strategy that spreads your message and entices new clients?

Schedule a time to chat and let’s get you setup with a clear plan and process for how you're going to meet your goals.


Hi, I’m Jaymie!

A dual right-brain, left-brain person...my obsession is using my love for both creativity and logic (both necessary for Facebook ads!) to empower rockstar entrepreneurs like you, so passionate about helping others.

Originally from Salt Lake City, I now Zoom conference to people across the world from my sunny home in San Diego. Beach, please.

Whether your goal is to:

-Generate leads (and weed out the “not right folks”...)

-Get more clients for your 1-on-1 or group program and services

-Convert more of your website visitors into customers (Oh, we’ll stalk them...just you see!)

I use years of experience and results to bring you what you need. Not more time (I wish) but...the strategies that will allow you to hit MASSIVE growth and ROI...like you never thought possible.

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